• Dance Classes

  • Beginners / Elementary Program:

  • Mommy & Me

    This class is for ages 2 - 2 1/2.  The class will work on locomotor skills, memorization, & creative movement.

  • Pre-Ballet for 3’s

    Class is 30 min. & meets once per week.  Primary goal is to increase child’s focus & concentration level & to teach them to work & function within a group atmosphere.  Basic ballet positions & steps are introduced & movement is explored.  Dress Code is SOLID-COLORED leotard, pink tights & pink ballet shoes. Hair up & away from face.  Boys:  White t-shirt, black dance pants & black ballet shoes.

  • 4’s Ballet-Tap Combo

    Class is 30 min. Tap & 30 min. Ballet.  Primary goal is to increase child’s focus & concentration level & to teach them to work & function within a group atmosphere.  Basic ballet positions & steps are introduced & movement is explored.  Basic tap steps are introduced & rhythms are explored.  Secondary goal is to teach them what a rhythm is.  Dress code is same as 4’s with the addition of white tap shoes for girls & black tap shoes for boys.

  • Kindergarten Ballet-Tap Combo

    Class is 30 min each of Ballet & Tap.  Primary goal is to teach child to hear and follow instructions quickly & easily.  All basic positions are taught as well as basic steps.  Basic terminology is introduced as well as basic technique.  Basic tap steps are taught or perfected and coordination of the different taps are developed.  Dress code is same as 4’s.

  • Elementary Tap /Ballet /Jazz 1

    Class is 30 min. each of Tap, Ballet & Jazz.  The class is for ages 6-9.  All basic ballet positions & barre work are taught as well as center work.  Basic terminology is taught as well.  Good posture will be developing here.  All basic tap steps will be covered, different rhythms will be explored & simple combinations will be taught to teach steps in combinations and to increase memory.  This will be an introductory to Jazz and will cover basic Jazz technique, movement & steps.  Dress code will be same as for the 4-yr Old Class.

  • Elementary Tap /Ballet /Jazz 2,3,4,5,6

    Class is 45 min each of Ballet & Jazz & 30 min of Tap.  The class is for students who have completed the previous Elementary Level or who have been approved to enroll in the class.  Technique such as arm placement, body alignment, using correct parts of the feet & legs as well as good posture are encouraged.  Written testing on terminology is begun at this time.  Dress code is the same as Pre-School.  Elementary 4 thru 6 should have tan Mary Jane-Style tap shoes.  Girls will need tan jazz boots.  Boys will need black jazz shoes.

  • Junior Lyrical 1 & 2

    Students must be in at least Elem. 5 Combo Class.  For dancers 10 & up.  All dancers must be enrolled in Ballet & Jazz.  Will need dance paws.

  • Intermediate Program:

  • Intermediate Ballet

    Body alignment, posture, correct use of feet & arm placement should be understood at this point.  Barre work becomes more difficult.  Traveling jumps & turns in the center are begun.  There are several levels of this class, and each is progressively more difficult and disciplined.  Dress code is pink ballet shoes, pink tights & solid dark-colored low back leotard.  Skirts may be work as well as black dance shorts.  Hair must be in a bun with all sides away from the face.

  • Intermediate Jazz

    Class is 1 hr.  Must complete 3 consecutive years of ballet immediately prior to enrolling.  Must have knowledge of specific basic jazz steps & technique.  Dress code is solid-colored leotard & tights (any color).  Form-fitting black dance pants (above shoe line) or BLACK dance bootie shorts may be worn. Must be staff-approved. Hair must be up and away from face.

  • Intermediate Tap

    Class is 45 min.  Must be staff-approved to enroll.  Leotard, tights, dance shorts or pants, black tap shoes.

  • Junior Leaps & Turns

    Class is 1 hr.  To enroll you must be enrolled in Elem 5 or 6 or Intermediate 1 or 2 Ballet & Jazz.

  • Pointe

    Must be taken in conjunction with a ballet class.  Only staff may determine who is eligible for this class.

  • Pop-Hop

    This class is 45 min. Ages 6-9. You will need tan jazz shoes & can wear shorts, a tank top or t-shirt.  Hair for girls must be in a ponytail or pigtails.

  • Teen Ballet /Jazz

    Class is 45 min each of Ballet & Jazz.  Class is for beginners Age 11 & Up.  This class moves at a much faster pace than a beginner class for the younger student.  However, basic technique is taught.  Dress code is the same as for the Intermediate Ballet class.

  • Tumbling

    This class is for ages 3 & up. The Intermediate student should be able to execute a correct wheel.  Dress code is a leotard or biketard. No shoes or socks. Girls need to wear hair up.


  • Advanced Program:

  • Beg Advanced Ballet & Advanced Ballet

    See Intermediate Ballet Dress Code.  Must be approved for this class.

  • Beg Advanced Tap & Advanced Tap

    Must be staff-approved to enroll.  See Int. Tap for dress code.

  • Beg Advanced Jazz & Advanced Jazz

    Class is 1 hr. & 15 min.  Must be staff-approved.  See Int. Jazz for dress code.

  • Intermediate & Advanced Lyrical

    Must be staff-approved.

  • Intermediate & Advanced Leaps & Turns

    Requirements:  dancer must be enrolled in Int. 3 or Adv. Ballet & Jazz.  Excellent attendance to Ballet, Jazz & the Leaps & Turns is necessary.