Advanced Program

Dance Classes

beautiful black ballerina en pointe advanced dance classes - Decatur, IL

Beg Advanced Ballet & Advanced Ballet

Students must be approved for this class. Dress code is pink ballet shoes, pink tights & solid dark-colored low back leotard.  Skirts may be work as well as black dance shorts.  Hair must be in a bun with all sides away from the face.

Beg Advanced Tap & Advanced Tap

Must be staff-approved to enroll.  Leotard, tights, dance shorts or pants, black tap shoes.

Beg Advanced Jazz & Advanced Jazz

Class is 1 hr. & 15 min.  Must be staff-approved. Dress code is solid-colored leotard & tights (any color).  Form-fitting black dance pants (above shoe line) or BLACK dance bootie shorts may be worn. Must be staff-approved. Hair must be up and away from face.

Intermediate & Advanced Lyrical

Must be staff approved.

Intermediate & Advanced Leaps & Turns

Requirements: dancer must be enrolled in Int. 3 or Adv. Ballet & Jazz. Excellent attendance to Ballet, Jazz & the Leaps & Turns is necessary.